Teaching and Learning Series

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A Message from the Instructor

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Message from the Instructor

    • Course Overview

    • Workbook - The Learning Process

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    How Learning Happens

    • What is learning?

    • ACTIVITY: Brainstorming

    • Active Learning Strategies

    • ACTIVITY: Learning Activities

    • Acquiring and Embodying Skills

    • ACTIVITY: Use What You've Learned

    • Qualities of Mastery

    • QUIZ: Test yourself...

  • 3

    Factors that Affect Learning

    • Ability to Learn

    • Strategies for Improving the Ability to Learn

    • Readiness for Learning

    • ACTIVITY: Full-Potential Mindset

    • Equity and Inclusion

    • ACTIVITY: Be a Role Model of Inclusion

    • QUIZ: Test yourself...

  • 4

    Tools to Activate Learning

    • Activate Knowledge

    • ACTIVITY: Create a Concept Map

    • Activate Skills

    • ACTIVITY: Considering Feedback

    • QUIZ: Test yourself...

  • 5


    • Promote Self-Directed Learning

    • ACTIVITY: Addressing Beliefs

    • Teach Them How to Learn

    • QUIZ: Test yourself...

  • 6

    Summing It Up

    • Congrats! Here are some final tips...

    • More Resources for You

    • Before you go...


Deanna Sylvester

Deanna Sylvester creates online content and writes curricula for experiential learning programs and instructor training programs. She is a licensed massage therapist, a published author, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a consultant to post-secondary educational institutions and organizations. Deanna is the former Director of several professional massage therapy training programs, and the former Chief Operations Officer for an educational publishing company. And she is the founder and president of Be Love Education.